Taxonomies of Cute

The AAS paper is still on my mind.  One of the suggestions for strengthening the paper was to return to the idea of ‘cute’ propaganda.  Given that the paper was only 15 minutes I really didn’t do justice to this part of the paper.  I began with an image of Lu Baby (洛宝贝) who is the current mascot of Chaoyang district.  My argument was that Chaoyang is the most developed, cosmopolitan, diverse district YET, the government chose an anime character to be its image.  The dissonance is creepy and a productive site for investigating what propaganda can do in the guise of a cartoon.  A Skipping bobble headed girl belay a state presence.  This state presence has become even more apparent this spring. Google it, (AWW if you catch my drift) I can’t mention it here since I want to keep having access to my blog.

So back to cartoon figures.  I am gathering images of police, firemen, traffic police, health inspectors….all of whom are imaged as anime figures.  A taxonomy of cute state power.  Enjoy the photos, if you have any please send them along or post them as comments.


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